The variety of batching, delivery and converting options make the NewAir I.B.® Express Packaging System the perfect fit in almost any packaging environment.

Lightweight foam packaging solutions


Bubble Wrap packaging from Sealed Air

Bubble Wrap packaging employs a “barrier layer” which retains air, providing superior, longer lasting protection over other brands.

Sealed Air's line of shrink films protects against product damage

Sealed Airは、Cryovac®、Opti®、CorTuff®ブランドの、業界で最も包括的なシュリンクフィルム製品一連を取り扱っています。

Sealed AirのShanklin®ブランドは、大小両オペレーションに最も適した幅広い製品ラインナップをお届けします。

Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes

A wide selection of specialty adhesive tapes to support the construction, agriculture and electronic industries.