Cryovac CT-300 Series High Performance Shrink Film

Cryovac® CT-300 Series High Performance Shrink Film- jp

The Cryovac® CT-300 Series of high performance shrink films is based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This distinctive shrink film has demonstrated comparable or even better performance versus significantly thicker materials. With proven versatility across a broad range of shrink equipment, these powerful shrink films provide enhanced seal strength, increased durability and retail-ready optics and clarity.


  • Significant Source Reduction and Improved Carbon Footprint
  • Longer Rolls Result In Fewer Changeovers, Improved Efficiencies and Lower Operational Costs
  • Lower Tunnel Temperatures
  • Microwavable
  • Reduced Transportation and Total Logistical Costs Per Unit of Packaging,
  • Genuine Value-Added Technological Innovation
  • Meets the requirements for SPI recycle code “4”