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iMold System

iMold System

The fully automated Instapak iMold® system instantly creates engineered, pre-molded Instapak® foam cushions for immediate use or to be transferred into storage bins for batching applications. Sealed Air’s patented Foam Dispersion Technology guarantees cushion consistency and integrity by dispensing Instapak® foam where it’s needed most, while eliminating material waste. Operators only need to select a mold and the desired number of cushions and the Instapak iMold® system does the rest.

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  • Significantly reduces labor and ensures that each cushion is consistently a perfect fit for your specific packaging needs.
  • RFID technology automatically recognizes mold changeovers and loads the correct cushion recipe, providing error-free operation, while the easy-to-use touch screen display minimizes set up.
  • System has a modest footprint, making it the perfect size for decentralized, work cell packaging environments.
  • Operators select mold and number of cushions and the system does the rest.
  • Guarantees cushion consistency and cost control.


  • Damage Reduction: The system creates custom-designed Instapak® foam cushions that fits your product perfectly offering superior protection for shipping your items.
  • Fulfillment Velocity: iMold® System quickly produces the desired number of custom molds for each item, making packing efficient and consistent from operator to operator.
  • Cube Optimization: Our Packaging Applications Centers design efficient packaging that reduces both volume and weight, optimizing carton size and freight costs.
  • Customer Experience: When a product arrives damage free in packaging that doesn't make a mess, your customer is delighted.