Friday, October 2, 2015

This has been an incredibly exciting week for Sealed Air. Right now, I am typing this update on a flight home from Las Vegas, where Product Care has spent the last three days introducing the world to new technology, systems, and solutions that are going to change the way the world works and change the way our customers think about packaging. One of the things we are proudly and aggressively re-imagining is just how sustainable a supply chain and packaging operation can be.

We are not alone in this passion. It is shared by all of Sealed Air's brands and product divisions. You can see that first-hand in our 2014 Sustainability Report, which was released earlier this week.

In it, we announce our 2020 sustainability goals, which re-affirm our commitment to bring value to your business – how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals in the face of many of the world’s greatest resource challenges.

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